Who we are

Green Shore XXI Century Holding Company, LLC is a specialized expert in the field of modern PPE with their own R & D and manufacturing base and with many years of successful business in the domestic and international levels.

  • Green Shore XXI Century Holding Company is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the Russian PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) market.
  • We are the company in the local market which combines engineering, production and distribution of personal protection products.
  • Strong R&D base, a wide network of distributors, narrow focus on chosen product categories, and a formed local brand are our Company’s main strengths.
  • We produce and distribute only high-quality products that are supported with all necessary quality certificates and warranties.
  • We are respected in the market as experts in the field of PPE.
  • We maintain close ties with state authorities, opinion leaders and DMUs in large corporations and thus have a deep understanding of the local market. 
  • Our distribution network expends beyond Russia and covers other CIS countries.
  • In order to innovate most effectively, we have joined our efforts with Russia’s leading scientific research centers.
  • We combine our own production capabilities with solid outsourcing contracts in Southeast Asia. Quality control of outsourced products is conducted by our branch office in Hong Kong which was created especially for this purpose. 

Green Shore XXI Century Holding Company is a long-term partner of major industrial enterprises such as “Gazprom”, “RAO UES”, “Norilsk Nickel”, “Russian Railways", "AK Transneft", "Lukoil", "Russian Aluminum", "Krastsvetmet", “Nevinnomyssk Nitrogen”, “ALCOA”, “Evraz Group S.A.”, “Arcelor Mittal” and etc.

From its very inception, our company invested heavily into intangible assets such as human resources, innovation (and resulting numerous patents), as well as its AMPARO® brand.  In fact, we are the only market player with his own strong local PPE brand. As a result, we have achieved flexibility in choosing manufacturers (local and abroad). Over the years, we have gained positive goodwill with our stakeholders (suppliers, distributors, as well as authorities).

Green Shore enjoys a wide base of distributors in all major cities of the Russian Federation.

We have established close quality control over production of our goods in Southeast Asia. In order to do so, we have opened an affiliate in Hong Kong which oversees all outsourced production. 

All AMPARO® products meet European and Russian (EAC) standards and come with all necessary quality certificates.

The majority of our products have successfully passed industrial tests at the leading industrial enterprises such as " Norilsk nickel ", " United Energy System of Russia “ (RAO UES), " AK Transneft' ", " Lukoil", " Russian Aluminum " (RUSAL), ALCOA, Evraz Group S.A., etc.

At value prices, AMPARO® products are comparable to the best of world’s PPE products. Our products’ high protective characteristics, durability, and ergonomic design are par with all modern safety requirements and industrial aesthetics.

Green Shore XXI Century is a member of ROSPA and WSO .

Our company has been awarded numerous achievement diplomas, e.g." For introduction of contemporary PPE to Power Plants "," Labor Safety Award“(to name a few).