Our company’s strategy is to build and maintain a strong base of distributors in all major cities of the Russian Federation.
It is important to note, that our distributors are independent companies, and we do not have a stake in them. Conversely, our major competitors rely on a different strategy: a network of affiliates.
We believe that our distribution system is better, because independent distributors are better motivated to achieve business goals, they are more flexible, and know their local markets better. They are happier as independent businesspeople as opposed to being mid-level staff members of large Moscow-based corporations. Moreover, they make more money with us. 
Moreover, this strategy allows us to work closely with over 160 distributors, while our major competitors can afford no more then 15 branches. This means that we serve narrower markets and better understand their needs. Our production and import departments are accustomed to serving individual needs of large as well as small clients.  In fact, flexibility is one of our major strengths.
Our network of distributors has expended beyond the boarders of Russia and currently serves the markets of Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. We intend to enlarge our client base further into other countries.    

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